By Daniel Chun
Updated on Apr-22

Photo Credit: Conexum URC — Remotec Technology Limited (http://Conexum.Life)

It is no April’s fool day. It’s a fact now that two big consumer electronics company had made it official in early April 2021 that they are discontinuing their line of smart electronics products — first with LG exiting the smartphone market and now with Logitech discontinuing its Harmony line of smart universal remote controllers.

Consumer electronics continues to be one of the product categories that impact our daily lives since the invention of the television sets, desktop computers, console games and all kind of toys and gadgets. With the proliferation of broadband Internet…

Source: Remotec Technology Limited

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Image Credit: Security Intelligence / David Bisson

We’ve all heard embarrassing stories before, and may even be a part of it. But a new wave of awkwardness and oops moment is hitting the net

Imagine this scenario:

You and your friends have planned a web conference meeting just to catch up with each other. As you entered the conference call, you noticed that there was one person who entered the call. Hooray- it’s that one person you dislike very much. Immediately, you took your cell phone, called your friend and started talking about that person. Only about a few minutes later, you realised that you were unmuted the whole time. You scrambled for the mouse and scraped your table as you looked for the cursor on your screen. …

Remotec Technology Limited

Remotec has been innovating beyond IR & Z-Wave; gaining on intellectual property & building on new and evolved solutions based on our level of proficiency.

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