Important Keyboard Shortcuts For Zoom, MS Teams, Skype, WebEx, Google Meet That Saves You Time and Dignity

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We’ve all heard embarrassing stories before, and may even be a part of it. But a new wave of awkwardness and oops moment is hitting the net

Imagine this scenario:

Image Credit: Twitter / Reuters
Image Credit: Twitter / Jordan Novet

“One thing’s for sure, we must practice web conference etiquette.”

Similar to face-to-face meetings, we should definitely not speak while another person is talking. Applying this to online meetings, we should stay muted at all times and MAKE SURE it stays muted. This prevents feedback or echoes from occurring (and we all know how irritating that would be).


“Over 85% of the employees we surveyed had reported that they use more than 4 web conferencing system”.

And of course, each web conferencing platform has their own sets of combinations.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

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