CLICK — The Universal Remote Controllers for Raspberry Pi owners — openHab Kodi Home-Assistant users

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Everyone demands convenience in everything they do. But what if you could control many things at once with just a push of a button?

“Point and click.”

These are the exact words Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) was told to do in the movie, ‘Click’. Now how is any of this related to this blog? Four words:

The Universal Remote Controller.

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In the movie, it was a magical device invented by an eccentric inventor as a means to “make [his] life a little easier and less complicated”. With just a simple push of a button, he could control everything — he could rewind to the past, or fast-forward into the future wherever and whenever he pleases. (He could even mute a dog barking in the middle of the night!) In short, he was able to control reality much like a television!

Awesome, isn’t it? If this ever hits the market, I would buy one right away!

Sadly, we don’t have those yet.

BUT there is something similar to this and it’s got Remotec’s name written all over it.

The best universal remote can unify all those various clickers — whether it would be for entertainment purposes to the usual controls of your TVs, air-conditioners, Blu-ray players and so on — into a single wand with buttons that can feel almost magical. Besides this, it should be simple enough for a kid to operate. Universal remote is usually tied to a TV or other audio video appliances. And there are plenty of those, but none is available for the growing Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer. What is a Raspberry Pi (see here). And there really isnt any good looking remote controllers to connect and serve the Raspberry Pi market (see below)

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This product has intuitive buttons supported by a mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) to ensure they work with your smartphone! It can work with Raspberry Pi for smart home devices (e.g. openHAB, Home-Assistant) and for entertainment purposes (such as Kodi, Netflix and YouTube) — all for a better feel than standard remotes! You simply can’t go wrong with superior ergonomics!!

Image Credit: Remotec
Source: Remotec Technology Limited

Trust me when I say that Remotec Technology Limited is an expert in this field. I mean it, they have been around since 1988! (And that’s when the PC industry made its mark on the world!) Just look at what I’m holding — it’s two of their earliest versions of remote controllers!

Although I’ve been here for only 7 months, I could really see the dedication, creativity and passion being put into every development process of their products. True, I’ve not witnessed their transformation from a pure remote controllers company to now a fully-integrated provider in smart controls, electronic gadgets, and smart home appliances, but I’m absolutely sure that their upcoming Kickstarter programme would turn out amazing! (Screams of excitement)

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter Programme on 15th September, 2020. Don’t miss out! You won’t get to rewind your life if you do!

Get ahead of everyone and be one of the firsts to buy our very first universal remote controller! This is definitely the universal remote controller you need in 2020 and beyond!

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